FL Health Innovators

We are a group of 1600+ healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs disrupting every aspect of the healthcare continuum. Organized by the team at MedSpeaks, we also partner with Orlando Tech to promote local economic development through idea exchange and advocacy.

Our goal is simple. We’re here to solve problems in healthcare. Problems for clinicians, problems for patients, problems for anyone and everyone touched by healthcare.

How are we achieving that goal?

1) Knowledge sharing. We put great minds working on different aspects of the same issue into a room, and get them talking about what has and has not worked for each of them. This cuts down on R&D for everyone involved, and facilitates brainstorming.

2) Relevant feedback. Having entrepreneurs and clinicians in the same room creates an amazing feedback loop. The entrepreneurs discusses their market offerings and the problems they are trying to solve. The clinicians can then weigh in on how they would like the solution to be approached, and the entrepreneurs can then tweak their offerings to satisfy their end user’s needs.

3) Problem/Solution matching. We’ve found that while more and more clinicians and hospital management staff are interested in cutting edge solutions, very rarely do they have the time to research what is available to them. By bringing FL Health Innovators into hospitals, we’re putting the solutions directly in front of them, saving valuable time.

By combining these 3 key aspects, we are creating a ripple effect of healthcare innovation and building a better world for us all.

Meet the Team